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We are building scale in attractive markets across the US.  This strategy allows us to avail ourselves to the deep pockets of talent that exists in the markets where we already own properties.  We do so by providing our associates in multi-site markets the ability to advance their career without the need to take a traditional advancement route that requires relocation or extensive travel.  With each new acquisition, we build opportunities for "regional type" management positions across various business functions including Operations, Facilities, Sales and Marketing.

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Email Campaign Manager

Natalia Borzym started her career at Scion in August of 2017 as an Email Campaign Manager. She held various marketing positions throughout Chicago, in numerous other industries, before joining our evolving Marketing Team. As one of our newest TEAM members in one of our fastest growing departments, her VOICE lends a unique perspective to those thinking of joining the Scion Group. “I appreciated the support from my team, which allowed for an easy transition that I hadn't experienced in previous roles. I felt the student housing industry was unique and there was definite room for growth within my position. After a smooth interviewing process, I knew this was the job meant for me.”

Area Regional Manager

Lorenzo Jenkins began at Scion in 2010 as a part-time college student Community Assistant in Columbia, South Carolina. After working in that market for 2 years, he made the transition to Lubbock, Texas as a Marketing Manager. After leasing the property to 100%, Lorenzo was offered a position in West Lafayette, Indiana as a full time Marketing Manager. Lorenzo is now serving as an Area Manager for two properties in that market, both of which have over 1,700 beds. For this reason, not only is Lorenzo a true TEAM member, but his VOICE of success is unmatched because of his willingness to tackle multiple properties in a single market. “Getting our property in West Lafayette leased up to 100% for the first time ever and having a successful turn has been my best career moment. It’s been a long way since Scion acquired The Avenue in 2014. We had to change the culture. We started from the ground up. It was important to make people feel like it’s not just a place to work – we’re family here. That’s what we’ve built. Everyone has a smile on their face and it’s great.”

Capital Project Coordinator

Ximena Ortega is considered a true vet here at Scion. Back in 2007, Ximena started out as the Marketing Manager in the Tampa market. After helping to lease up two properties in Tampa, Ximena was offered the same position in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Shortly after this transition, the property was bought out by another company. Ximena was asked to stay on, but she graciously declined the offer as she knew that staying with Scion would be the best decision for her. From there she worked as a Resident Services Manager and then as a General Manager in Urbana, Illinois. It wasn’t long before another opportunity arose for her in Athens, Georgia where she served as the General Manager. After being at the property-level for over six years, Ximena was approached about building out the Capital team at Corporate, making her a Project Manager. Ximena’s transition from the property-level to a corporate employee is the VOICE that Scion prides themselves on. “I stayed on with Scion because we had that entrepreneurial spirit – we are all individuals that are focused on seeing growth if you put in time and loyalty. I knew if I was dedicated, hard work would pay off. Don’t go to work to get a pat on the back, go to work to see things happen. Your work speaks for itself. You know you’re awesome. It’s going to be a win-win situation.”

Director, Asset Management

Jonathan Stevens began at Scion in 2014 as one of the first members of the Asset Management team. After delivering 50 budgets with minimum resources and a successful first presentation to our Joint Venture, Jonathan was promoted to Director of Asset Management. The Asset Management team has completely evolved since Jonathan first began here. Currently building out his TEAM to become three Asset Managers and three Analysts, Jonathan’s vision has become a reality for him and many others at Scion. “Exiting business school as a 31-year-old with prior work experience, I was very critical on the place I chose to launch my career in real estate. The most important characteristics I was seeking were ability for rapid education and personal development as well as maximum contribution to the organization. By that time, Scion established itself as a successful, growing company with a strong entrepreneur drive. The interview process convinced me that this was the right place to launch the career that I had always dreamed of and the last 3.5 years have proved me right.”

Accounts Payable Supervisor

Sharon Noreen started as the receptionist in 2008 when the company was just under 20 people. As Scion continued to grow, the Accounts Payable and Advisory Services departments began to ask her for extra help. Sharon assisted with many projects and even had her work published. In 2014, Sharon began working full time as an AP Specialist. Following the acquisition of 19 new properties, Sharon was offered the position as the AP Manager. After many years of doing admin work to joining the Accounting Department, Sharon’s VOICE highlights the flexibility within Scion. “The University House acquisition was cool to be a part of. Having to onboard 19 properties and using software that I was unfamiliar with was unique because I had never done anything like that before. We acquired 7 the previous year so this was a new experience. Having to learn their process and procedures was challenging in a good way. Transitioning them to “the Scion way” was a real learning experience.”

Regional Manager

Andre Wells has been in the student housing industry for almost 15 years now, but did not start his career with Scion until 2016, when he accepted the offer as a National Operations Manager. Managing four properties in the Midwest region, Andre travels to his properties in West Lafayette and Bloomington, Indiana for 2 weeks every month. With his home base being in Texas, Andre feels that having his portfolio in a different region allows him to connect with the property staff on a different level. They are more than a TEAM, they are a family. Like many Scion employees, Andre’s VOICE is especially unique as he demonstrates our appreciation for “road warriors” and their ability to balance life amidst the chaos. “One of the things I found to be refreshing about Scion is their communication. Scion is big on making sure residents are taken care. The way the company handles its team members, both old and new, is something that I haven’t experienced at other companies. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable – that everyone is set up for success, not failure. And that’s not common in this industry. Everyone needs to be a good fit. They are representative of the company both inside and outside of the office.”

Regional Vice President, Operations

Jessica Graves began her career with Scion during an acquisition in 2012. She was the General Manager at a property in West Lafayette, Indiana for about a year and a half before she took on the role as an Operations Manager. She managed four properties in the Midwest before going on maternity leave. When she returned, she was offered the position that she currently holds as Regional Vice President, Operations. Just like many Scion TEAM members, Jessica shares a special VOICE as she manages a portfolio of 20 properties while still raising a family with her husband and three young children. “There have been many defining moments throughout my career, but I feel like the journey over the last almost 6 years is the most memorable. The support, challenges and relationships I have built with some of the most inspiring, intelligent and supportive individuals in student housing is what I think of when I think of Scion and my career growth with them. This is what continues to motivate me.”

Project Manager

Ed Chia started with Scion in October 2015 as a Project Controls Manager. Coming from the multifamily industry, Ed was used to a similar business model; however, he was quickly thrown into the fast-paced environment that is Scion. Since his early days with Scion, Ed’s TEAM and role have greatly expanded. He now reports to a Vice President and works alongside another Project Manager who is based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Ed’s VOICE at Scion illustrates the value of our “behind the scene” employees when it comes to everyday functions of our company and industry. “The most exciting thing about being part of Scion is the rapid growth that we are going through which leads to multiple opportunities for professional and personal growth. One example of this is the acquisition of the University House portfolio which consisted of 19 properties. I had never been involved in that large of an acquisition before. It gave me with the opportunity to learn multiple facets of the acquisition process as well as allowing me to see a different perspective of operationally onboarding new properties. It also gave me exposure and experience of managing capital for high rise and midrise style properties. In the past, our portfolios consisted of only townhome and/or garden-style properties until this acquisition.”

Project Manager, Advisory Services

Chelsea Metivier joined Scion’s evolving Advisory family in May 2017 as a Project Manager. She began her career in student housing as an Assistant Resident Director at Loyola University in Chicago. Although her past and current role differed in more ways than one, they both shared a common goal of supporting college students. These days, Chelsea’s work focuses on providing support for clients like universities and developing companies through research. Chelsea’s perspective on the student housing industry gives a unique VOICE to Scion and the Advisory TEAM. “I was wary of making the move from the non-profit/education sector to the corporate world. Transiting to Scion, seeing women and people of color in VP and director positions, demonstrates that Scion recognizes that we can only be industry leaders when we find the best and the brightest and encourage their professional growth. In my short time here, I am actively encouraged and supported to pursue my passion through professional development opportunities, affirming that Scion understands, “individual growth is integral to our collective success". There is always opportunity to do more and to bring greater diversity of experience and talent. I know that as Scion grows it will continue to demonstrate its commitment to the development of our team.”

Regional Sales Specialist

Peter Quinlan started with Scion back in 2013 when a property in the Statesboro market was looking for extra maintenance help during turn. Peter quickly realized the property was a great for him. After a couple months as the Housing Consultant, Peter was promoted to a full time Leasing Manager – all while still being a student. Soon after he graduated, Peter was offered the opportunity to move to Columbia, South Carolina as a Leasing Manager. After 6 months on the job, life and family took Peter back to Atlanta where he briefly worked in conventional housing. Peter got a call from the Director of Leasing and Sales asking him to come back on board for a corporate role as a Regional Leasing and Sales, which is now Peter’s current position. Peter’s VOICE proves how essential key players are for our TEAM – Scion will fight for anyone they know can make a difference. “Scion is the only thing on my resume. The reason I stay with the company is the people, the energy, the independence. If you need something, you ask, and you get it. From conference to conference, you see the same faces. It’s family. It’s 5 years later and here I am, still learning and growing from everyone.”

Area Regional Managers

Gretchen Bracey began with Scion as a General Manager after the acquisition of one of our Tempe properties in 2015. Working in student housing since 2002, and in the Tempe student housing market for 10 years now, Gretchen has seen the ASU market develop from the ground up. When she first started with Boulevard 1900, she brought on a TEAM and built up the property to be fully functioning. Gretchen now serves as the Area Operations Manager, overseeing two properties in Tempe, Arizona. While it is important for Gretchen’s career to continue to grow, she also has young kids at home. Gretchen’s career path exemplifies Scion’s VOICE when it comes to opportunities for those who are looking for a challenge without traveling. “When Scion came on board, we felt such an ease and comfort. I knew we’d be in good hands. The training was phenomenal. You are given the opportunity to network with peers that are in the same boat as you. You build a relationship. I’ve never worked for a company that has everything so outlined and detailed. I can’t travel a ton because of my family. Scion knows who you are and knows your situation, they understand. It gave me such confidence, it makes you work so much harder.”

General Manager

Giovanna Barr started working at Scion in 2008 as an Accounts Payable Specialist. Over the next few years the AP Department continued to grow and Giovanna was promoted to Manager to help develop policies, guidelines and training techniques. In 2017, the Property Manager position opened up at a property that Scion had recently acquired. Giovanna always knew that she wanted to be on the operations side at some point in her career and this presented the perfect opportunity to fulfill that goal. After 6 months on the job, Giovanna was promoted to General Manager. Giovanna’s VOICE demonstrates Scion’s eagerness to promote individuals from within its TEAM. “We always hear about staff moving from Property to Scion Corporate, as they have the experience needed to contribute to Operations. Not from Accounting to Property – the fact that they allowed the lateral move, and offered me a position as a Property Manager is really rewarding as I had no experience with the day-to-day tasks of the property. Leaving your comfort zone and taking up a different role is no easy task, but not once did I feel that I did not have the support I needed from the corporate office. On a personal level, it allows me to take up new challenges, develop new skills and reach my full potential.”

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